1. So last night my hubby and I didn’t really wanna cook, so we steamed some Texas Tamale Company Black Bean Tamales.  We had picked these up at a health food store about a week ago, added a little enchilada sauce.  They are really small, but the flavor was great.  Sadly it didn’t fill us up.  

    So I made a plate of nachos!  Sadly I didn’t take a picture.  We used some no sodium added Garden of Eden blue corn chips and added my yummy pinto beans that cook for 4 hours.  On top of it all we drizzled some Nacheez, they had a great sale on Spencers Market.  

    Finding dairy free cheese with no Tapioca Starch has been becoming more and more difficult.  Happily Nacheez was better then I expected, it melded well with the beans and chips and gave it a great flavor.  Even plain on a chip it had great flavor.  

    I think for Christmas I’m going to make fresh vegan Tamales, it will remind me of California.  You always smelled them being made in the different apartments around christmas morning.  Yum.

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