1. My favorite meal of all time, oyster mushroom tostadas. I’ve posted a picture before but I just love it so much I had to share again.

    This is no cheap meal, fresh local oyster mushrooms aren’t cheap. I made my own refried beans, which are on the bottom. Home made guacamole that my hubby made. 

    The oyster mushrooms are cooked in a cast iron skillet with salt, pepper and lime juice. It gets super crispy and just freaking amazing. And a home made pico de gallo.

    For some reason this meal is everything I want in a meal, it just works so well. But it takes 2 pounds of oyster mushrooms to make 6 tostadas! So instead of going out to eat this is our fancy date night. 

    I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  2. Actually a really great banana ice cream!  I ended up getting a really cheap ice cream/gelato maker at Bargain Hunt and it works just fine.  

    I made a random recipe off the top of my head, two overly ripe bananas, almond milk, maple syrup, and vegan chocolate chips.  It actually turned out really 
    creamy.  No ice crystals!

    Those people who say “Just freeze a banana and blend it in your freezer for Banana Ice Cream” are full of crap btw.  If they can get that right consistency, more power to them.

    I plan on messing around with a new recipe using coconut milk, maybe a rocky road?  We’ll see!

  3. Panang Curry, I made it back during my husband’s birthday party but I never grabbed a picture! I had enough left over to freeze and we ate it tonight!

    Basically I made two different kinds, a spicy green curry and this one for the people who don’t like a lot of spice.  I used a pre made curry paste from an international market, and used the base of lemongrass, green onions, garlic, ginger before adding the coconut milk and veggies.

    The veggies are green beans, sweet potatoes, and red bell peppers.  It turned out fantastic!  I added the sweet potatoes almost 20 minutes before everything else and it was tender and delicious.  I will be making this again.  Just adding some red pepper flakes to give it the spice I need.

  4. Random Rant and Warning!

    My favorite gluten free bread has changed their recipe without explanation and now I can’t eat it anymore. Three Bakers Gluten Free Bread had their 7 Ancient Grain bread that was to die for. For those who aren’t gluten free, our bread sucks. Most of it has the nutritional value of a bag of sugar.

    I was pretty excited to find a bread that was tasty and had whole grains. But they added tapioca starch, which I have a reaction to as well, so now I can’t have it. I was lucky to have even checked the ingredients because I’ve eaten this bread every morning for breakfast for the past 6 months.

    This isn’t okay for people with Tapioca allergies, which is definitely on the rise since GF food basically is made entirely out of it.  There is nothing on the outside of the package that says they added or reformulated their recipe.  

    I’m really sad I won’t have bread again. 

  5. You have no idea how excited I am right now.  And nobody else cares, but I know someone in the tumblr universe will.

    I have made Uttapam!!!

    It’s a southern indian dish that will blow you away, it’s like a sourdough indian pizza. I get it every time I go to a southern indian restaurant.  Sadly that isn’t often because the closest one to me is 2+ hours.

    I have to thank my hubby and Bargain Hunt for the amazing stone grinder. It’s a heavy duty grinder, real granite stones inside. I don’t think anyone knew what it was so it got really low in price, $40? (It’s $231 on Amazon)  I live in Western Kentucky… nobody has a clue.

    You’ve gotta soak Idli rice and a special kind of lentils for 6 hours, grind it for 25 mins, and then let it ferment in your oven for 8+ hours. Uttapam is often eaten for breakfast, so that’s what I did!

    I tried using my thin non stick dosa pan, didn’t work. So cast iron skillet was the answer! It caramelized the edges and cooked the onions and jalapeños to perfection.  I just need to pick up some Sambar Powder next time I’m at the international market so I can really make it a meal.

    After about the 3rd try I finally got it looking perfect, and the flavor gave me an out of body experience.  Being gluten free, it’s my favorite way to get that delicious bready sourdough flavor that I miss so much.

    I’ve got like… 10 cups of the stuff in my fridge so we’ll be eating these a lot for the next couple of days. ^.^

  6. I’m not dead just FYI.  I only post recipes I’ve never made before, lately I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to try anything new!

    Orange Tofu, from the lovely Vegan Richa.  It’s like orange chicken only better. The sauce was fantastic, very bright with all that fresh orange juice. Next time I believe I’ll make more sauce, it was so good!

    Broccoli, napa cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, shittake mushrooms, ginger, green onions, and garlic. And some crispy tofu as well.  I battered the tofu in a little corn starch and pan fried it to get it light and fluffy. I used GF soy sauce to make the meal safe, and everything was right with dinner tonight.  ^.^

  7. Random food dump, top is mushroom bacon.  I used local shiitake mushrooms and they are absolutely amazing.

    Second is cornbread.  I followed a GF Cornbread recipe but made it vegan, vegan sour cream, earth balance butter, flax egg, and used maple syrup.  

    Last was the cookies, titled Vegan Breakfast Cookies they were super great.  After they were cooled they stayed soft and banana bread like.  Yum yum yum.

  8. I went to a Farmers Market an hour away from me on Saturday to pick up tons of amazing veggies.  I also happened to get 2 pounds of oyster mushrooms which I made into ‘Pulled Chicken’ Oyster Mushroom Tostadas.

    I oiled a few corn tortillas, put them in the oven to crisp up.  Sautéed some black beans, local corn and local jalapeños in a cast iron skillet to char a bit.  

    The most important thing was the oyster mushrooms.  Those were shredded and sautéed with onions and lime juice in a cast iron skillet for about 20 minutes.  This gave them time to cook and char.  The texture is amazing.  I ate so much I went into a coma.  

    The top is just some pico de gallo I made from local tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and cilantro.  On top is some guacamole we made, sadly avocados aren’t local to Kentucky.  v.v

    Anyway, this meal was amazing.  Best meal I’ve made is weeks, if not months.  Oyster mushrooms are absolutely amazing and the texture and flavor they give to this dish blows everything else out of the water.

    I think next time I might mess around with making a home made crunchy corn taco to put them in.  Easier to eat.  ^.^

  9. I tried Olives for DinnerSambal & Peanut Butter Ramen Noodles w/Tofu last night.  It’s been tough with my schedule to try new recipes since you aren’t sure they will work, or be worth the effort.  But I’m happy to say I was pleased with this!

    I used Lotus Food’s Millet & Brown Rice Ramen which held together really well.  Giving it that ‘ramen’ chew that normal gluten filled noodles give.  

    The sauce was fantastic, I added an extra tablespoon of Sambal cause I like it spicy.  The peanut butter permeated the dish, without being over baring.  It really thickened the sauce nicely and coated everything evenly.

    In mine I used pea pods, bell peppers, shiitake and portobello mushrooms, and green onions.  I also chopped up some peanuts and added a lime slice. It was nice to have an asian dish without soy sauce, something spicy and sweet.  I would make this dish again!

  10. Breakfast!  I wanted to share my new favorite Gluten Free bread.  As I’ve mentioned in the past I have Celiac Disease and I have an allergy to Tapioca.  Which makes finding a gluten free bread near impossible.  I did used to use Rudi’s, but even their multi grain was meh.

    While walking through my local Kroger I happened on this brand, which I had seen their ‘white’ bread at Whole Foods once.  I knew it used tapioca but I thought I’d look at this 7 Ancient Grains blend, and it didn’t have any!  I snapped up a loaf and fell in love.

    This bread is amazing, filling, and tasty.  Amaranth, hemp, guinoa, teff, sorghum, flax, and millet is listed on the front.  The ingredients also has brown rice flou, rice bran, sun flower seeds and sesame seeds.  It’s chock full of goodness.  

    It is 190 calories for 2 slices, 7g of fiber, 3g of protein.  But it also has 4g of sugar.  All in all it’s now my go to bread.  I still haven’t had it untoasted.  I often spread peanut butter on for breakfast, maybe a banana or a smoothie with it.  

    I’m just happy to have another option that fills all my needs when it comes to gluten free bread.